Springer Human Resource Management Practices

This book is designed to help practitioners and academics to assess the added value of HR practices. It provides hands on recommendations for choosing effective means to manage HR specific suggestions aimed at facilitating measurement of H


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Springer Myths and Shibboleths in Nephrology

Increasingly, medicine in general and nephrology specifically is based on clinical trials verifiable presumption. Still, however, much of everyday practice is the consensus of pundits experts unable to validate their suggestions b


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Routledge A Silent Sorrow

A Silent Sorrow has long been considered the "bible" for families seeking emotional and practical support after a pregnancy loss. Well organized, easily accessible, filled with suggestions each topic it covers,


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Lora Zellini Blouse décolletée volantée en voile imprimé végétal

Tout en séduction (et en suggestion), cette blouse en voile nous hypnotise par son superbe décolleté volanté et imprimé enchanteur. Féminine et colorée, c'est la pièce idéale pour booster un jean ou un slim !


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University of Pennsylvania Press Suggestions for Thought by Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is best known as the founder of modern nursing, a reformer in field of public health, and a pioneer in use of statistics. It is not generally known, however, that was at forefront of religious, phil


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Routledge Creative Involvement

With the enhancement of national strength, China's diplomacy has leapt onto a new high ground, basically obtaining status of a world power. Meanwhile, it also received a large amount of right and wrong mixed criticism suggestions from


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Routledge Suggestion and its Role in Social Life

Vladimir Mikhailovitch Bekhterev was a pioneering Russian neurologist, psychiatrist, and psychologist. A highly esteemed rival of Ivan Pavlov, his achievements in the areas of personality, clinical psychology, political social w


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Psychology Press Human Memory

The fact that cognitive psychology has become largely concerned with a handful of laboratory tasks brought expressions of suggestions about how to place the field on a more solid footing. view expressed here, however, is t


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University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division Deaf Blind

This is a comprehensive reference guide for teachers, parents, and paraprofessionals working or living with children who both deaf blind. It provides day to guidance suggestions about techniques methods assessing w


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The MIT Press Hidden Sense

The uncommon sensory perceptions of synesthesia explored through accounts of synesthetes' experiences, latest scientific research, and suggestions of in visual art, music, literature. What is does it mea


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