Fournisseur Cultura Architecture in mexico, 1900-2010 : the construction of modernity - works, design, art, and thought

This book deals with the multiplicity of architectures that have taken place in Mexico during the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. In accordance with the idea of the effective history of the French philosopher Michel Foucault, in which knowledge, like history, does not cover absolute truths but fragments, a reading of the different themes that make up the architectural production is presented. Based on this approach, an understanding is sought beyond the built forms and close to the ideas that generate them. In an attempt to make paradigms move and reinvent themselves, history is seen as a place to work, with an emphasis on the relationship of architecture, theory, art, design and urbanism.The two volumes are chronologically divided in six different time periods to reflect the work of 160 architects throughout different architectural movements.

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